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Post with 150 votes and 17038 views. Steampunk DC Heroes, Villains, and Aquaman.
Steampunk is a costume style set, the pieces of which can only be obtained as rewards from...

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Looking for more information about the Union of Superlative Heroes—including Marquis Le Bat, Phineas Fleetfoot and Gentleman Mint? Then get your hands on this pack of trading cards. Artist Chet Phillips has taken heroes like Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man and transformed them into Flatiron.
DCComics.com: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more.
Taking mashups to the next level, you'll learn how to take your favorite DC Comic heroes and villains and transform them into Steampunk fan art and costumes! This panel will have everything you need to get your Aquaman to Zatanna mashups put together. Plus, all the how-to's to get your Harleys, Jokers, and Wonder ...
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DC Comics Variant Play Arts KAI Batman Steampunk Version : Forbidden Planet

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Master of the Future Gotham by Gaslight is a by andwith inks by.
It spawned a sequel, Master of the Future 1991also written by Augustyn, with art by.
Gotham by Gaslight is considered to be the first story, where DC Comics heroes are taken out of their usual setting and put into alternate timelines or realities.
And although it was not originally labelled as such, subsequent printings include the "Elseworlds" logo.
There he is studying under.
Bruce tells Freud that he has a recurring dream in which he recalls the murder of his parents and decides he must return to.
On the return trip, Bruce meets Jacob Packer, an old family friend whom he calls Uncle Jake, who also returned from a trip to Europe.
Shortly after arriving, informs Wayne about criminal gangs currently operating in Gotham.
Gordon also shows Steampunk dc heroes the case of a man who poisoned his wife and tried to commit with the poison, which left him alive.
Bruce takes up the mantle of to fight criminals on the street.
At the same time, a series of murders of women take place and some people begin to suspect that Batman is the murderer.
It is soon discovered that has come to Gotham, as the murders in Gotham City seem to resemble the Ripper murders.
After a search ofa bloody knife is found under Bruce's bed and Bruce is arrested.
A trial is held in which Uncle Jake is Bruce's defense attorney.
After the trial, Bruce is convicted of being the Ripper and sentenced to be for his crimes.
Bruce is imprisoned in.
Once Bruce is in prison, Gordon gives him all the documentation on the crimes.
Bruce toils day and night to try to figure out how he can get the Ripper.
Just one day before the execution, Bruce learns the identity of the Ripper by discovering he had the skill of a surgeon and used a knife that belonged to the medical group who worked with.
Bruce escapes from prison with the help of and heads straight for the Ripper.
Batman interrupts the Ripper as he is about to claim his next victim.
Batman chases the Ripper throughout Gotham and the two eventually come to a stop at the grave of andsteampunk dc heroes it is revealed that Jacob Packer is the Ripper.
Packer had been trained in medicine and law with the money of Thomas Wayne, but he was driven insane by Martha Wayne's rejection of his advances.
Since then he was killing women who resemble Martha to silence the laughter of Martha he heard in his head.
Packer reveals that he hired to kill Bruce's parents.
Gordon appears at this time with the police and Batman tells them to arrest Packer.
Packer confesses that he is the Ripper and tries to kill Batman, but Gordon shoots Packer dead at the last minute.
Batman disappears into the shadows, leaving Gordon to take in the body of Jack the Dog vets today />Having brought his parents' murderer to justice, he has come to regard being Batman as a childish fancy, and intends to devote his life to more serious pursuits.
Others believe that Gotham City needs Batman more than ever, namely now-Commissioner Gordon and Bruce's own fiancée, Julie whom Batman rescued from a late-night assault .
At a City Council meeting, Mayor Tolliver the former Police Commissioner who aggressively prosecuted Bruce as the suspected Ripper is promoting Gotham's hosting of the "American Discovery Exposition" to market Gotham as the "City of the Future".
The meeting is interrupted by the flamboyant Alexandre LeRoi, who demands that he be proclaimed master of the city, or else he will burn it to the ground.
He leaps out the window before he can be arrested, and Tolliver insists that the fair proceed.
While the fairgrounds are being erected, a on an automated carriage rolls in and opens fire.
Bruce, in attendance, pushes Tolliver out of the line of fire and disables the machine.
On the opening day of the fair, LeRoi kidnaps Tolliver from his mansion and takes him aboard an airship, forcing him to watch as LeRoi focuses a giant on the fair's main pavilion, before LeRoi throws Tolliver over the side to his death.
Bruce is desperate to act, when Alfred arrives with his costume.
With the police fully occupied, Julie runs into the burning pavilion open nadal results australian tennis rescue a small girl, but both of them are trapped by falling debris.
Batman saves them, then fashions an improvised glider and takes off after LeRoi's airship.
The two men engage in a brutal duel that disables LeRoi's robotic pilot "Antonio", causing the airship to steampunk dc heroes off course and become unstable.
Noticing this, Batman urges LeRoi to surrender and abandon ship, but LeRoi refuses to believe him.
Batman jumps overboard, but LeRoi is trapped as the airship crashes into the ocean and explodes.
More than a hundred people are killed steampunk dc heroes LeRoi's fires, but further fatalities and destruction are prevented by the Gotham Police and firefighters.
LeRoi is presumed dead, although he is shown to have survived the crash.
Batman confronts Councilman Franklin Claypool, who confesses to being LeRoi's accomplice and providing him with information for his attack.
Claypool secretly owns a large portion of Gotham City's housing, which he expected to sell profitably through his proposed redevelopment program, but steampunk dc heroes program was pushed aside by Tolliver in favor of the fair.
LeRoi agreed to target Claypool's properties, allowing Claypool tobut Claypool never intended the deaths LeRoi's actions caused, and so does not resist when Link arrives to arrest him.
Bruce and Julie are walking along a hilltop overlooking the city, when she reveals that she recognized him at the fair, even through his mask.
Apprehensively, he asks her what she plans to do, and she replies, what she has http://bitcoin-bet.win/open/oz-open-betting.html done: continue to love and encourage him, especially now that they both agree that Gotham still needs Batman.
It was written by and pencilled bywith inks by.
Two years later, the 68-page sequel Batman: Master of the Future — also written by Augustyn, but with art by — was released, this time officially labelled an Elseworlds publication.
In 2006, in the wake of the DC event which reshuffled thethe Gotham by Gaslight world was identified as "Earth-19".
Prior to its appearance in Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight January 2008the two one-shot issues were collected into one 112-page trade paperback volume which was released under the same name, and with the same Mignola cover as the one-shot release.
In the weekly-sequel to the weekly event, the names Palmer as a key figure in impending events.
The search for Ray Palmer began in theand soon crossed onto the created during the course of.
The first of these was called Countdown Presents: The William hill opening times bookmakers for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight January 2008 and was written by Gotham by Gaslight's original author, Brian Augustyn, relishing his chance to return to the world he had created.
The story saw accompany, and the latter three inhabitants of "" through the multiverse in search of multiuniversal counterparts to Ray Palmer.
The group arrived on Earth-19, the Earth where the Batman of the earlier two Elseworlds storylines acted, there, they also encountered this Steampunk dc heroes counterpart of and before they went to the next Earth for their continuing search.
Their search would take them to worlds populated by characters from other Elseworlds stories, including those seen in the trilogy Earth-43 and Earth-30.
It features as Batman and as.
The adaptation differs significantly from the original comic, including elements from both books and with a different Jack the Ripper who is revealed to be.
Though Jacob Packer can briefly be seen in a non-speaking role, acting as Bruce Wayne's defense attorney.
After failed to secure the rights to the property, the game was canceled.
The developers released some concept illustration which revealed the game had a steampunk feel to it while being set in and also test footage was released which revealed the misty Gothic settings and the character model for.
Reception to the leaked footage and concept illustration was positive, with viewers praising the setting, the cape physics and the different approach the developers were trying to achieve.
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